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How is the Composite map of the Human Influence Index performed (0-64)?

We coded all eight input variables and add them up.

For the influence of railroads, we created 2 km buffer to identify all areas that are within 2 km of railroads. We gave influence score of 8 if within 2 km buffer and 0 otherwise. For Major roads we created, 2 km, 2-15 km and greater than 15 km buffers. We converted the buffer file into raster and gave influence score of 8 if within 2 km buffer, 4 (2-15 km buffer) and 0 beyond the 15km buffer.

This is repeated for each of the input layers.

Then we created the composite Human Influence Index (HII) by adding up all the input variable rasters.
HII  = roads score + railroads score + rivers score + land cover score ...

The output file HII is the composite influence raster.

Please see for further details.

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