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I'm studying the Yangtze river flood (July-August 1998) and I need a detailed map of this area of China. I will grateful if you help me to find it.

The maps of China that CIESIN has are available for downloading at We have three different data sets:

1. China Administrative Regions GIS Data: 1:1M, County Level, 1990, which has data at a scale of one to one million (1:1M) for national, provincial, regional, and county levels.

2. China Administrative Regions GIS Data: 1:1M, County Level, 1 July 1990. This dataset was developed to correspond with the region names and associated codes that are used in the 1990 China census. It differs from the dataset mentioned above in their conversion of county and district regions to cities.

3. Fundamental GIS: Digital Chart of China: 1:1M is a series of 1:1,000,000 scale vector fundamental maps of China in ArcInfo format. There are two components to the Digital Chart of China, each having six layers. The smaller dataset covers the areas of China proper, while the larger dataset covers China and the surrounding areas contained within 10 and 60 degrees North latitude and 70 to 140 degrees East longitude. The six layers comprising each dataset in the Digital Chart of China are: roads, railroads, drainage system, contours, populated places, and urbanized areas.

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