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Could you please tell me how and with what kind of weighting the ecological footprint has been factored into the 2002 ESI?

We used the 1996 Ecological Footprint data from Redefining Progress, and divided it by population to get a Footprint per capita figure.

We then calculate a “Reducing Waste and consumption Pressure” indicator by averaging this footprint variable and a measure of radioactive waste.

The Reducing Waste indicator is one of 20 indicators in the ESI, so it has an implicit weight of 5%. Table 3 in the ESI’s main report lists all the indicators and variables. There are other variables that are conceptually related to the footprint, but for various reasons appear in other portions of the framework. For example, we have measures of seafood consumption, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, and CFC consumption.

The full report is available at

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