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Could you please let me know if there is any link between the ESI and Corporate Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Reporting? Alternatively, would you regard the ESI as a proxy for national TBL reporting?

There is no direct link between the ESI and corporate TBL reporting. The 2002 ESI did however make use of a number of indicators related to corporate responsbility – such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index, the Innovest EcoVal rating, and participation in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. However these are attributed to national-level effort based on the headquarters of the corporations included in these indicators. You can check these indicators out by downloading the ESI 2002 report, and specifically Annex 6 (data for individual variables).

We do not regard the ESI as a proxy for national-level TBL reporting, but as mentioned above it does have some relevant indicators.

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