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I have downloaded India 1995 population data (GPW2). Why is there no variation in colours when I view the files in ArcView?

I presume that you are working with the BIL format files in ArcView, from the zip file named The BIL files we distribute have no colour map associated with them, this is why they show up as completely black in ArcView when added to the view.

Do you have the Spatial Analyst extension for ArcView? If so, you should convert the image of India in the view to a grid (via the theme menu) and then add that grid to a view. Make certain that you add it as a grid, not an image. It should then have some variation in colour. You can improve the display by changing the class breaks in the legend.

If you do not have access to the Spatial Analyst extension, ArcView will only allow you to display images.

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