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I have been trying to download the GRUMP/GPW datasets but the web download does not seem to be working.

First, make sure javascript is enabled in your browser. The web application uses javascript to show a message if a file is not available (there are a number of files yet to be completed, i.e., country-level population count for 2015).

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to disable IE’s pop-up blocker to download the data. On the Tools menu, point to Pop-up Blocker, click Turn off Pop-up Blocker.

If, after turning off the Pop-up Blocker, you still can not access the GPW or GRUMP files you will need to enable downloads within Internet Explorer. From the IE taskbar choose Tools —> Internet Options —> Security —> Custom Level. Scroll down through that box until you see Downloads. Under Downloads make sure Auto Prompt and File Download are both enabled.

Following the steps above will normally solve any download problems.  A handful of users who have followed those steps have reported that they still can not access the GPW or GRUMP files.  We believe this problem may be due to firewall settings outside the CIESIN network (most likely on the user’s computer or network).  In that case, downloading from a different network or computer may be necessary.

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