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What is the User Registration System and why do I have to register?

User registration is now required by the NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) to download data.  The EOSDIS User Registration System is a "single sign-on" User Registration System (URS) developed with the goal of providing a better user experience.  Registration is easy and free of charge, as is data access.  You do not need to register to browse SEDAC and NASA websites, including SEDAC maps and map services.

User registration provides people with a simplified way to take advantage of the wide array of EOSDIS data and services by using a common username and profile.  After registering users will be able to access data from all of NASA's Earth science data centers (DAACs) as well as ECHO, REVERB, LANCE and GCMD.

The URS also helps the EOSDIS program better understand user community needs, which will help the program plan for new features and customized services.  The system will also permit communications with users concerning updates or issues with data sets thay have downloaded.

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