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On the "Prevalence of Child Malnutrition" data set using the 1/4 degree raster file called "UW", the values for the visualized raster data ranges from near 0 to over 500. But this does not make sense, because according to the documentation and the readme file, the "UW" file is supposed to represent the percent of children under age 5 who are malnutritioned. By that definition the values should only range from 0-100.

Please use the updated ReadMe file. The UWU5POP grid should be 2.5 min resolution and UWU5POPQ grid is 0.25 degree resolution.  Any file name ending in Q is a quarter degree resolution file.

The "UW" file is 2.5 minutes. The UWQ grid is the 0.25 degree grid.  Note that the UW and UWQ grids are actually provided in integer format. In order to convert these grids values to percent, the grids must be divided by 10.  

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