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  1. I divided one 30 Arc-Second (~1km) Basic Demographic Characteristics raster by another and ended up with very high values in the result.

  2. How is the Composite map of the Human Influence Index performed (0-64)?

  3. I am trying to locate maps online of the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) for all US states and Puerto Rico and haven't had much luck. Can you tell me where I might find these maps?

  4. In reviewing the latest statistics on environmental sustainability from your website, I noted that the Faroe Islands was not listed. Could you please advise me on the criteria regarding who is included in the 2002 ESI rankings?

  5. What were the data sources used for the 2001 ESI?

  6. What are the restrictions on use and redissemination of data?

  7. How do I convert .BIL format in Arcview/ArcInfo?

  8. I want to visualize/mashup many of your Web Map Services in ArcGIS Online, or even ArcMap. But, I'm not having much luck with ArcGIS. Is there some guidance you can provide to help me here. I'm sure I'm not alone with this request and as ArcGIS Online is becoming more proliferate other will want to leverage your great services themselves in their own mashups.

  9. Are extreme events considered in the model?

  10. When I open a CSV file in excel, there are special characters that do not display correctly, what do I do?

  11. What has happened to .e00 format option? It appears to have been replaced by something called "grid"?

  12. I downloaded the urban extents grid from GRUMP (alpha).  When opened in ArcGIS, there are only two values 1 and 2.  What do these values mean ?

  13. What is the Human Influence Index?

  14. I'm looking for all of the administrative boundaries in your China Administrative map but I could not find the administrative boundary, for Chongqing.

  15. Is it possible to do a time series analysis on the ESIs?

  16. We would very much appreciate you informing us on how you base your calculations on the profitability on water, or possibly its quality.

  17. I downloaded the ArcInfo interchange files and tried (after import) to open them with the ARCGIS 8 software but each time it failed to open the file. I think the sta.adf file is missing (or another one). Could you please help me?

  18. How do I open ArcInfo Interchange file (.e00) in ArcGIS?

  19. How often will the ESI be updated?

  20. What is the difference between GPW and GRUMP population grids?

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