1. I download GRUMP 2000 population count data set. It sees that maximum population count is 1,346,772 in the cell of that data set. I would like to know that is right or not, because I think that the value is very large. Could you give me advice about maximum population count in GRUMP?

  2. I am currently a student in Scotland and I am looking for information regarding laws on pollution and industry to help with my first year dissertation on Venezuela. Any information that you could send me would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Why was gROADS developed?

  4. What are the advantages of GPW over other products?

  5. In the China County-level Data on Provincial Economic Yearbooks, each of the DBF files has its meaning, such as 1990B1.dbf is about the General Survey. But when I open the file, all the item names are given as sequential number codes, such as B1990001, B1990002, B1990003. I want to know about each item's name -- what's the value meaning?

  6. I was excited to see you have anthropogenic biome data, which would be useful in my research. What are the differences between the Anthropogenic Biomes of the World, v1 data and the Anthropogenic Biomes of the World, v2 data for 2000?

  7. What is the User Registration System and why do I have to register?

  8. What are the differences between GPW, GRUMP and Landscan?

  9. What does a zero in the population density grid mean? What does No Data mean?

  10. GPWv4 releases data for five years: 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020. Is it advisable to compare data sets of different years in order to assess changes in population density over time? Are there constraints in using the GPWv4 target year data sets as a time series?

  11. I am working on a map of Mexico that details population dynamics at the state level and am wondering if you have such information (e.g., total fertility rate, natural increase, inward and outward migration), or if you have a suggestion as to who I might contact.

  12. Where is aerosol optical depth on the app?

  13. When will the rasters of census variables (sex, age, and urban/rural designation) be released?

  14. Is there any way to find out how block groups from the 1990 census match with block groups from the 1980 census? I need to find or create data that would show the change in block group characteristics over time. I tried MABLE but it only has block group information for 1990 census.

  15. What is the difference between the Water Mask layer and the Water Area layer?

  16. How is a global raster created from tabular census data and boundaries?

  17. What are the differences between GPW, GRUMP and Landscan?

  18. Why can't I make the Import71 work with the GPW data?

  19. Why does Egypt look different than the rest of northern Africa in the population count and density rasters?

  20. What is a .BIL image file format?

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