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China Dimensions

  1. Do you have the China maps available that are subdivided at the prefecture level for 1995? I have seen the county level ones on your website but these are too detailed for my purposes.

  2. Hello! I want to know in what unit is the field ‘Area’ in the China Admin ArcInfo file?

  3. I am a graduate student. I am interested in all the chinese information and maps at your website and trying to design a small project for my class. But I find there are no information about the map projection. The administrative Region map projection is different from that of the Fundamental Maps.

  4. I am trying to find China's Agenda 21 policy document. Do you have it on your web site?

  5. I have a question regarding the data set Contours of China and the Surrounding Areas. What Surrounding Areas are included in the data? What is the difference between the file and the

  6. I'm looking for all of the administrative boundaries in your China Administrative map but I could not find the administrative boundary, for Chongqing.

  7. I'm studying the Yangtze river flood (July-August 1998) and I need a detailed map of this area of China. I will grateful if you help me to find it.

  8. I've visited your China Dimensions website but it was not clear if the maps are raster maps or vector maps. I am actually looking for vector maps. Based on the fixed scale given as 1:1M, can I assume that they are raster maps?

  9. In the China County-level Data on Provincial Economic Yearbooks, each of the DBF files has its meaning, such as 1990B1.dbf is about the General Survey. But when I open the file, all the item names are given as sequential number codes, such as B1990001, B1990002, B1990003. I want to know about each item's name -- what's the value meaning?

  10. Which ellipsoid / spheroid is the geographical data of the Fundamental GIS: Digital Chart of China based on?

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